Narration brings a story to life. In fact, it doubles the Drama in your written script. Basically narration is not to give a clarity to the listeners on what we are writing. It is for ourself to get a clarity on what we are telling.

After spending for two months in Kancharapalem writing a script, I came back to Hyderabad and narrated it to my fellow film makers. They all bounced back with their feedback after the narration. It gave a clarity on what I am doing and really boosted my confidence. I know that I am a bit slow in narration, thank you for your patience guys. Now I am ready to jump in to the the battle field.

Stay tuned to learn more about “C/o Kancharapalem” and to travel along with me in this path of transforming my story into an astounding film. Please share this blog to help me in reaching more people. Hope you all support me in making this project successful.