Every Place has it’s own beauty. I believe the real beauty of a place lies in its people and its culture. In that case, Kancharapalem is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. This is a 120 years old neighbourhood with a great culture and diversity.

Kancharapalem is surrounded by hills on two sides, port and naval base on the other sides. The whole neighbourhood is placed in between two railway gates. More than 80 trains greet people of this place passing through the railway gates every day. Most of the houses look a bit old because 95% of families are living here since a long time and most of them are relatives. The streets here are narrow but the hearts of people are so spacious filled with love and affection. There is a ground in this neighbourhood where old people play Volley ball and Cricket with Young guys every day. This is happening since 40 years. Many people here are experienced in  theatre acting under two Theatre Groups called “Mahatma Gandhi Kala Samithi” and “Sri Gowri Kala Kendram”. These are some of the elements that  inspired me to make a film in this place. Thus the idea of “C/o Kancharapalem” took birth in my brain.

Stay tuned to learn more about “C/o Kancharapalem” and to travel along with me in this path of transforming my story into an astounding film. Please share this blog to help me in reaching more people. Hope you all support me in making this project successful.